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Dear customers


Currently we only accept Cash on Delivery and only to Malaysia.

If you are from other countries, please contact us for purchase.

If you are away from home, you can also ask your family helping for cash on Delivery.

Packing method:

Packed and sent in cardboard box.

The outer packing of the cardboard box has no illustrations or signs. 100% protect your privacy.


International order preparation is about 2 days and international logistics takes about 7 days to Malaysia.

Please specify your address and it will take around 7 days for goods arrival.

Please make sure to fill out the recipient, address, area code, contact number, and other details.

Shipping rate:

The freight rate to Malaysia is 8% of the purchase amount.

Free shipping to Malaysia for Purchase over MYR1000


After you order on line, the system will notify you of your order status by email within 24 hours.

If you do not receive the email, please use "contact us" to leave a message, we will check your order as soon as possible.

After you have finished the order, please make sure your contactable via mobile.

Email must be valid (Please avoid use Yahoo email due to the spam blocking)

If your goods are not received 7 days after the order date, please make sure to use the "message" function to leave us a message.

For Malaysian customers, If your goods are not received 7 days after the order date, please make sure to use the "message" function to leave us a message with your name, contact number, order number and order date, we will check your order and notify you immediately. Please Do NOT repeat order again. It will only cause more confusion


Q: Can I pick up goods in person?

A: Sorry we don't have this service at the moment.

Q: Will others know what I buy from packing?

A: We packed every order ourselves. There is no relevant sign of sex or website from outer appearance. Even the delivery personnel do not know what is inside. The only information on the box is the recipient names and mailing address. We take your privacy seriously, please feel free to order.

Q: after ordering, how do I know tracking the shipping and followed up?

A: if the goods are sent out, the system will send an email to inform you that the goods have been sent with a tracking number. You can also enter the enquiry status of all your orders at any time through our website.


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Do not have bad intention to use on unauthorized and unspecified persons. It is not our intention.

If there is any consequence/crime involved in using our product, we take no responsibility.

All the goods in the website are classified as nutrition supplies!

According to the regulations, we cannot claim any medical effect of the goods.

Consumption of the product will cause different reactions due to the different people's health status. Please use it carefully.

All the published content is provided only for reference, including the products description provided.

Consumers should not take our information like medical advice from professional doctors.

The visitors should also not make the contents and products provided by the website as a diagnosis or treatment of any health or disease problem.

If you suspect that you have some medical health problems, please consult a licensed doctor immediately.

Products from our website are like height boosting supplements, which contain ingredients like calcium and other nutrition to enhance growing, but should never be taken as cure or treatment for any disease.